1. All texts submitted to our Editorial Office go through the following procedure : The Editorial Office accepts the submitted manuscript, anonymizes the authors’ data and submits the journal for approval to the Editor-in-Chief and/or the Scientific Board.

2. The Editor-in-Chief and/or the Scientific Board has the right to reject the manuscript if it does not meet the formal (editorial standards set by the journal) criteria, or if it does not fulfill the scientific terms of publication.

3. Each manuscript is reviewed by at least two reviewers who are affiliated with an external institution (not the same as the author).

4. In the adopted reviewing model of double-blind peer review process both reviewers and authors are anonymous – both the author and the reviewers do not know each other’s names.

5. The review is in written form and it ends with a definite recommendation for publication or rejection of the manuscript, or with a request for revision

6. The names of the reviewers of individual issues are not disclosed.

The reviewing procedure is supported by Crossref Similarity Check veryfying the originality of the submitted manuscripts.