About us

The establishment of a Polish Romance studies journal, Neophilologica, was initiated at the end of the seventies of the last century by the founder of Silesian Romance studies, Prof. Stanisław Karolak, for many years the director of the Institute of Romance Studies at the Silesian University and the creator of a research school based on predicate-arguments structures, which to this day has been a research distinguishing mark of our scientific center on a national and international scale.

Very intensive international cooperation and realisation of various grants with the participation of scholars from all over Europe under the supervision of Prof. Karolak resulted in the organisation of numerous conferences and meetings and the need to establish a linguistic journal, which would be a forum for the exchange of ideas and discussions concerning both the jointly realised projects and broader exchange of scientific achievements. This led to the publication of the first issue of the journal in 1980, which until 2007 was published approximately every two years and since 2007 has been published regularly every year.

Neophilologica is an international journal of linguistics whose primary referential version is its electronic (online) version. The entire volume is published online at the end of November of a given year in full open access, and individual accepted articles appear on the journal’s website as they are edited.

We publish texts on all problems and various theoretical approaches in Romance and general linguistics, both theoretical, including philosophy and epistemology of linguistics, and applied, including translation and computer-assisted translation, both comparative and focused on a single language, preferably Romance. The languages of publication are French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and English.

We publish one issue per year. All texts are reviewed in a double-blind peer-review system. For detailed information on publication policies and article preparation, please visit the Neophilologica website Reviewing Procedure and Manuscript Submissions  tabs.

We are currently preparing the next volume of the journal, 34, which will be devoted to “verbes suport”/”light verbs” as the main topic, but, as always, in addition to texts on the main topic, we devote roughly the second half of the journal to papers on other topics.